May 15, 2012

Winery of Ellicottville turns EVL White

The Winery of Ellicottville has been turning heads in Ellicottville and tastings around the region since opening in the Fall of 2010. The wines have been winning awards at festivals and have been flying off the shelves in their store. The wines are created by Dominic Spicola and his Son-In-Law ,with the careful consideration that Dominic's father Francesco Spicola brought from Italy in 1968. They combine the old world care with new world techniques that produce the Winery of Ellicottville’s award winning wines. There latest creation is the EVL White, which will be release for sale later this summer 2012.

If you stop by the winery for a tasting the EVL White is included, which just teases your palate. The white wine has nice nose and enjoyable finish. There are hints of apple and possible citrus tones and leans towards the dry side on our review. The label is currently in the designing process. Once the label has been finalized the wine should be ready for sale at their location on 14 Monroe Street in Elllicottville, NY. 


The EVL white is a great addition to their current lineup of fine wines, which include:

Chardonnay - Dry, oak-aged white wine. Its delicate fruitiness complements seafood and pasta dishes

EVL Red - Fruity, with notes of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. Great wine to sip on a sunny day.

2010 Merlot - Dark cherry and black raspberry are layered in oaky undertones. A great wine to enjoy with family and friends.

2010 Noiret - A drier, oak aged red. with strong notes of pepper and cherry.

Francesco's Reserve - An off dry white. Dedicated to Dominic's Father. Delicate yet balanced this wine pairs well with crusty fresh baked bread and creamy cheeses.

2010 Riesling - Semi-sweet, crisp, with subtle notes of citrus and peach.

Rose' - Clean, light and refreshing, the Rose' is full of fruit and citrus.

Snow Fox - Sweet, crisp, and fruity display of Niagara grapes picked at their prime.

The Sweetest Thing - A true celebration of fruity and sweet flavors. Made with hand selected Concord grapes.

Pinot Noir - Vibrant cherry and subtle vanilla.

Syrah - Spicy, yet smooth, great wine to sip.

Pinot Grigio - Hints of lemongrass and mineral. Great summertime wine.

Sparkling Riesling - The Sparkling Riesling is made using method champenoise to create a dry yet inviting bubbly Riesling.

Traminette - Distinct lime and citrus flavors highlight this balanced white.

Vidal - Delicious notes of pineapple and grapefruit complement a bit of tartness in this semi-sweet white.

Their award winning wines are teasing palates all over the region. The wines are reasonably priced and they are currently offering a special for purchasing 6 bottles, the 7th is free (lowest price bottle)*. Their wines are great any time of year and make that trip to Ellicottville even more enjoyable. On your next trip to Ellicottville, NY stop by the store to sample the new EVL White!

*Promotion is subject to change and managed by the Winery of Ellicottville. The promotion is published for convenience and was on the winery's website at the time of publication.

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