May 03, 2012

Kabob Kafé kicks off the Ellicottville, NY Building Shuffle

Have you been to Ellicottville, New York lately? On your next trip to Ellicottville you might need a new map. In spring 2012, the building shuffle was under way with planned completion over the summer. Many of the impacted business will move during May 2012, but one business may take a little longer to complete the shuffle.

The shuffle began by the entire Kabob Kafé building moving to the lot just behind the Ellicottville Brewing Company. Yes that is correct! The entire building moved. If you go to the former location of the Kabob Café there is currently a hole in the ground and bricks. The new foundation is being built in the new location and the building will be lowered for the reopening. There will an outdoor patio, a parking lot, the interior will be updated and there will be new items on the menu. So if you are looking for a taste of the Kabob Kafé’s fantastic food, it might have to wait until a little later in 2012. The projected re-opening is June 2012.
The Ellicottville Brewing Company will be expanding its operations into the former location of the Kabob Kafé. The brewing company will then pretty much occupy both locations, featuring the brewery, restaurant, bar, patio and more. Over the summer we can watch the improvements to the new location.


The next major move is being initiated by the Mud, Sweat and Gears shop. The business is moving to 18 Monroe Street, the building at the corner of Washington and Monroe streets. They will occupy the entire building, replacing 3 plus business currently there. The larger location will allow them to expand their operations. With the move, A Touch of Ellicottville, Gado Gado, and the Nature's Remedy Natural Health Center will be moving. A Touch of Ellicottville is moving across the street to 28 Washington Street, where Ask Design Jewelers was. Gado Gado and the Nature's Remedy Natural Health Center are moving into the former Black Diamond Grill and Pub location at 26 Monroe Street. The Black Diamond Grill and pub closed over the winter and the building is being renovated for both businesses. Finally, Kazoo II is moving into the former location of Mud Sweat and Gears at 21 Washington street. That leaves the vacant store front where Kazoo II was... 18 Washington street.The moves are scheduled to take place in May 2012 and hopefully that will be the last shuffle for a long time!

Once the Ellicottville building shuffle is complete, the town will go back to its usual small town life. The quaint little town of Ellicottville still has the fantastic small town charm and beauty, but now there will be a new look for a few stores and restaurants. Take a trip to see the changes and enjoy the magic of Ellicottville!

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