November 01, 2011

Holiday Valley Resort Upgrades for the 2011-2012 Ski Season

New Morningstar Quad Chairlift
Sometimes continuous change is a good thing, especially  when it is synonymous with continuous improvement. Holiday Valley Resort has made continuous improvements to the resort over the past 18 years. Since 2007 Holiday Valley Resort has made large capital investments in its properties to improve the overall experience of the resort and make it a year round destination. In 2007, the acquired Spruce lake and built the Spruce Lake Quad chairlift, added three new trails - Raccoon Run, Spruce Line and Cathedral and added a new terrain park on Foxfire. In 2008, they began construction of the Tamarack Club and built the Champagne sundeck. In 2009, the completed the Tamarack Club, constructed a new Champagne Mountain Top Warming Hut, snow making improvements, a new groomer, Holiday Valley Tubing Park improvements and began construction for 2 new summer public swimming pools. In 2010 the resort upgraded ... replaced the Moningstar lift with a quad chair lift, added Bear cub trail and made $2 millions of improvements to the Double Black Diamond Golf Course. In 2011, they have already opened the Sky High Adventure Park, which includes the aerial adventure park and the mountain coaster. For the winter 2011-2012, Holiday Valley Resort made even more upgrades to enhance the visitors experience and make it one of the best winter sports destination in the eastern United States.

Mountain Coaster
The coaster is located west of the Tannenbaum Lodge. Riders will be pulled uphill to Raccoon alongside the Spruce lift then dropped into a ravine to twist and shout the way back down to the lodge. The coaster will also operate during the Winter season to add another dimension to the term winter sports at The Valley. Check out this great attraction in the snow!

New Snow Pine Quad Chair
Holiday Valley also replaced the Snow Pine Double Chair with a Quad Chair. A completely new drive terminal was installed at the base and the towers, cross arms, and return station will be replaced to accommodate the larger gauge of a four passenger chair. The new terminal has hydraulic tensioning of the haul cable along with many other state-of-the-art components, similar to their other new terminals. The new chairlift will just about double the amount of riders it can handle per hour. The new chairlift should be safer and provide greater access for the skiers and boarders who make the treck down "the wall" and the other trails.

Snow Making System
Several improvements to the snow making system to place over the summer to enhance operation, efficiency, and extend the reach of the system.  Pipe line and hydrants were installed along their newest trail, Bear Cub, to keep the trail open longer in the season. They also added a section of trail below the condos to allow easier access to the new Snow Pine Quad chair for all their little Cubs. An automated snow making system was installed on the Mardi Gras trail with the goal of gaining efficiency, providing a great surface, and fewer hours that they'll need to make snow when Mardi Gras is open. This automated section will include 28 new HKD Impulse tower guns, 28 HKD Klik Auto Hydrants, plus the computers and software to run them. The grooming fleet will be upgraded again with the addition of two new grooming tractors that bring the newest technology and energy efficiency in grooming to Holiday Valley’s slopes and trails.

So keep and eye on the weather, get your bindings inspected and have your edges ground. Soon it will be time to break out your skis and snowboards to see the 2011-12 Holiday Valley Resort improvements up close. They have not disappointed us in the past and the continuous improvement shows that they are committed to the future. Holiday Valley Resort is becoming a year-round destination and continues to prove that it is one of the top destination for winter sports and nightlife in the eastern USA!

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