August 14, 2013

GEOCACHING around Ellicottville, NY - A great way to explore hidden treasures in Western New York

Geocaching home page - 6-27-13
Have you tried the new outdoor treasure hunt? Geocaching is the latest fad to use technology to explore points of interest, artifacts and more across the USA and the world. Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called Geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online. The users sign up and share their experiences on the Geocaching website ( The Geocaching website lists Geocaches all over the world, so bring your smartphone or GPS with your geocache list for your next trip.

The Waterfall at Sky High Adventure park.
Ellicottville, NY is a great year round destination for outdoor sports, recreation and relaxation. There are great activities around the area for golf, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, state parks, national forests, sculpture parks and more. Holiday Valley Resort is located 1 mile from downtown Ellicottville and  host athletic and fund events year round; including the Mudslide Obstacle run, , The Mountain Bike Race Series and more ( The resort also has skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing a outdoor 3-pool complex, the Falling Waters Spa and more. Additionally, Heartrate up also organizes athletic events at the resort and around the region in all seasons, such as the Allgehny Adventure Run, Raccoon Rally, 6 Hours of power, Fall Festival 5k, Fall Festival Mountain bike Race, Freezer 5K and more (

There are other spas, fine restaurants, the Ellicottville Brewing company and the Ellicottville Winery and other eclectic shops and more. The Sky High Adventure park is and aerial obstacle course with zip lines, wire walking, rope bridges and more. There is also a mountain coaster. In the fall of 2012, the EVL Bowling alley opened  with 3 lanes to expend the family fun of this resort town.  In your quest for adventure, it is a great place to have fun Geocaching and enjoy the other activities for that fun getaway trip.

There are many Geocache locations surrounding Ellicottville to add to you adventure getaway. When you go to the Geocache website, enter zip code 14731. There are many Geocaches at McCarty Trailhead; such as McCarty Park, McCarty Park Overlook, McCarty Park Rain Trail Cache and more. There are other cache's in the New York State Forest, such as Little Rock City, Golden Hill, Golden Hill 2 and more. There are some in nearby in Great Valley - the Great Valley War Memorial II. There are pages of fund Geocaches all around western New York.

As always, use common sense in playing any game. If things don't make sense, then don't check out the Geocache location. Geocache is a fun exploration game that is sweeping across America. Many clues can have you searching for the spot listed in local newspapers or you can use your GPS to type in the coordinates to get there as well. It still may take a little detective work to find the Geocache. It is fun for all ages and it combines social media, GPS technology, outdoor exercise and good old fashion detective work. Have fun trying Geocache in Ellicottville during your next getaway trip or trying it in your home town.

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