June 11, 2013

Time to get Dirty! The Holiday Valley Mudslide Run and Dirty Duathlon are at Holiday Valley in June 2013

Some great mud trail running events are lined up in Ellicottville in June 2013. The Dirty Duathlon and Mudslide Obstacle Trial run will test you athleticism, or just see how dirty you can get! Both events are well organized and you can sign up on line! Check out the links to these fun events and take a trip to Ellicottville.

The first is the Dirty Duathlon on June 9, 2013. Heartrateup runs the event that takes place at Holiday
Valley Resort. There are two events. The Dirty Bit trail run is a 4 mile heart pounding trail run. The Dirty Duathlon is a team event, with one person completing the 4 mile trail run and the partner completing a 8 mile mountain bike ride on the same course. See the following link for details and to sign up.

The second is the second annual Mudslide Obstacle Trail Run at Holiday Valley Resort on June 15, 2013. The event is a 3.5 mile course or 5.4 mile course that has 8 obsticles. The 3.5 mile course is downhill, while the 5.4 mile course has some uphill challenges. There are some new obstacles planned for the 2013 run. Check out the Mudslide Run Video from Holiday Valley Resort. The event is sure to challenge the particiants mentally and physically.

See the link for sign up and for further details. .
Head out to Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY for some great events in the month of June. Be sure to check out the many other events throughout 2013 at and such as the Raccoon Ralley, Fall Festival Mountain Bike Race and Fall Festival 5K, The EVL 9 Adventure RUn, The Allegany Adventure Run, The Mountain Bike Race Serices and Holiday Valley, The 5K Freezer Run, 6 Hours of Power mountain bike race and more. Stay fit and enjoy these great weekend events in 2013!

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