December 05, 2012

Ellicottville Brewing Company is Expanding New Peaks in Ellicottville, NY

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Ellicottville Brewery before expansion.

In 2012 the Ellicottville Brewery (EBC) began its quest to expand the Ellicottville brewery. The brewery and restaurant have outgrown the current location for beer production as well as dining and entertaining after 17 years in the current building. The EBC purchased the land from the Kabob Kafe and moved the Kafe building on the street behind the brewery in May 2012. The new Kabob Kafe reopened in the fall with an expanded deck, increased kitchen size and out door seating. The Ellicottville Brewery's excavation teams, construction teams and design teams begun creating new peaks in Ellicottville, with the brewery's new timber lodge style building.  
Former site of Kabob Kafe
The new builidng will extend over the current brewery site and the purchased Kabob Kafe site, more than doubling its size. Construction began in June 2012, after the Kafe was raised and moved to the new location. The former foundation, sewer and basement excavation started the project and was a acomplishment in itself. Great progress has been made on the project through the end of October 2012, with the exterior structure starting to take shape. The construction crews are working on the portion of the building on the former Kabab Kafe; eventually completing the project by replacing the current brewery location with the other section of the new building.

Timber beams in the new EBC.

EBC on the former Kabob Kafe site.
The massive lodge style building will impress guest equally as much as the fabulous food and there outstanding craft beers, ales and lagers. There are large timber beam ceilings with a banquet room available for parities. The style of the building is impressive for this getaway town in the mountains and fits the style of the surrounding resorts. The craftsmanship and timber beams will bring a whole new feel to the brewery and dining experience. There will also be a new terrace and beer garden. The project is well underway and will most likely be completed in 2013.
Your next trip to Ellicottville will provide an entirely new experience at the Ellicottville Brewing Company. The same great food, fine crafted ales, lagers and season beers will still be on tap, but the atmosphere will be absolutely amazing!

Artist drawing of the New Ellicottville Brewing Company

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