August 17, 2012

Pizza Bowl Spares Ellicottville Louisville Slugger Factory in Fall 2012

Old Nannen Baseball Bat Factory

Tim and Bonnie's Pizza will be coming to Ellicottville, NY in the Fall 2012 (dependant on construction timelines). Tim and Bonnie Garey are looking to expand their popular pizza and bowling operation, currently in Springville, into the Sprague Development/Larimer Norton building on Elizabeth Street in Ellicottville. The property has been vacant for many years and has recently been fenced off from public access. The bowling alley will be the first in Ellicottville and will create year-round entertainment for the people of Ellicotville and the towns' tens of thousands tourist that visit the town annually.

Cascade Lanes and Tim and Bonnie's in Springville, NY

The Larimer Norton building will eventually have more tenants, but Tim and Bonnie Garey are ready to move forward with their plans of putting a Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza and an eight-lane bowling alley into the soon-to-be-developed site. According to the John Thomas of The Villager newspaper, Tim learned how to make pizza at the age of 16. His family started Blasdell Pizza, with his older brothers passing on the family recipes and buisness knowledge. The Gareys opened another Blasdell pizza in Springville around 2007. Shortly afterwards they bought the vacant bowing alley next door to the store. It took over a year to remodel the bowling alley, but it has proven to be a successful business combination. They have recently changed the name of the Springville restaurant to Tim and Bonnie’s Pizza, which will also be the name of their operation in Ellicottville.

The intitial plans for the new bowling alley in Ellicottville include state-of-the-art Televisions,  video technology, and eight brand new bowling lanes installed by Gold Crown. The pizza restaurant will be casual dining with a rustic-style decor. Plans are to serve beer and wine, pizza, wings, subs, pasta, and offer pizza delivery throughout the Ellicottville area. They will compete with two other pizza restaurants in town, but each offers there own unique style and taste. The restaurant and bowling alley will encompass approximately 22,000 square feet in the Larimer Norton building and could employ up to 50 people.

The economic impact of the new operation will not be fully know until everything is open a running, but it should be a great year-round attraction to this growing destination town. The bowling alley will provide activity for the people of Ellicottville to join bowling leagues, bowl for fun and some enjoy great food. The alley will also add to that activities for the skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, golfers, adventure park participatants, spa guests or getaway vistors to enjoy during their stay in Ellicottville. Since the old Nannen baseball bat factory has been spared, it should provide a strike to the people of Ellicottville and its' traveling guests.

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