February 13, 2011

New Morningstar lift at Holiday Valley Resort

Holiday Valley Resort put a new high-speed quad lift on the Morningtar trail in the summer of 2010, and the trail is better than ever! In a recent trip to the resort, we had a chance to check out the new lift and the extended Morningstar trail. The new left has the same exit point on top of the hill; however, the lift runs up the left side of the trail as you head down. The trail starts off a a good pace, still vears to the right, has mogules on the right, and now has the extension of the trail at the bottom of the run. There are two ways now to get back on the lift.

The entrance point to the Morningstar lift is now adjacent to the Eagle chair lift, which makes this area twice a nice to ski. Now you can reach more trails from the same area and easily switch between the lifts. You can ski both areas at the same time, access the Eagle lift area from the Mardi gras side, and make your way across the mountain in a shorter period of time. The new high speed quad lift is quick and smooth. We enjoyed a good ride to the top in no time. The new high speed quad lift was a welcomed improvement to the resort. Nice job Holiday Valley resort!

The new high-speed quad Morningstar lift

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